Livestock Guardian Dogs

In predator prone areas, a livestock guardian dog can save much trouble and heartache.  While certain individual dogs may be trained as guardians, a guardian breed with a solid parentage is a more reliable choice.  Guardian dogs should not be confused with herding dogs.  Guardian dogs bond to the herd/flock and protect against predators.   

Characteristics of Livestock Guardian Dogs

  • powerful, athletic, and agile build
  • thick, loose skin,  difficult to pierce
  • high territorial defense drive
  • naturally calm, submissive demeanor around flighty prey animals
  • physical morphology which gives them a softer expression and less intimidating in appearance to livestock
  • low prey drive
  • instinctive ability to evaluate threat level and respond accordingly
  • an affinity for weak and small animals (including children)
  • a harsh, all weather, double coat which protects from heat, cold, injury, wetness, dirt, and debris
  • ability to think independently, problem solve, take quick stock of any situation, and make effective decisions 
  • the instinct to conserve their energy so they are always ready to take action
  • a lower metabolism that requires less food for their size
Vaquera and Pastor.

Pastor and Vaquera

Jargan Farm has two Livestock Guardian Dogs, Pastor (Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix) and Vaquera (Great Pyrenees).

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