Jargan Tiny Farms

Jargan Tiny Farms is currently under development. 

Jargan Tiny Farms offers rental opportunities for individuals and businesses to manage their own Tiny Farm.  Tiny Farm participants receive tiny housing, land, some shared infrastructure and equipment, and guidance for a determined period of time.  Costs start at $1,500 per month and are adjusted downward according to project requirements, duration, and personal need.   Jargan Tiny Farms are rental units designed for small sustainable farming and farm related projects for individuals and couples.  

Individuals interested in Jargan Tiny Farms are required to apply to Jargan Farm with proposed project details.   Preference is given to projects focused on food security and a commitment to small, local, and sustainable operations.  Selected participants must make commitment in Tiny Farm production and experience  by living and working directly on the Tiny Farm.  Projects and activities must support operations such as direct farming, horticulture, gardening, husbandry, or related farm construction or farm management activities. 

If you are interested, please complete the Interest Form by clicking the “I’m Interested!” button.   All participants and projects will be reviewed and approved by the Jargan  Farm owner. 

Tiny House example
Jargan Farm back pasture
Actual Tiny Houses are in planning
Jargan Farm Pond: Potential Project Work
Jargan Farm peony bed
Tiny House example
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