Our Story

For nearly 10 years, Don Smith and Angel Villahoz Baleta lived in the town of Weymouth, MA just sourh of Boston.  In 2016, Angel was working on his PhD in Computer Science and Bioinformatics.  Don was a Global Infrastructure and Process Specialist for Hewlett Packard.  After 17 years, Don’s job was moved to  Costa Rica and Don faced an unexpected early retirement and many choices.

The very same week, Angel was offered positions with both the University of Minnesota, Duluth and Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  After serious consideration, Angel accepted a position as Scientific Programmer with Cornell University.  

Don and Angel found themselves in a remarkable life transformation.   Angel began his job with Cornell in June 2016; Don remained in Massachusetts to prepare for downsizing and a permanent move to New York.  Their Weymouth, MA home was sold; many of their lifetime accumulations were sold or donated.  After three short months and some “discussion,” Don and Angel purchased a small farm outside Ithaca in Enfield, New York.  Dogs, birds, and life were packed and moved to the new farm. 

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