Welcome to Jargan Farm

Our Mission


Jargan Farm provides Tiny Farm opportunities to individuals and projects dedicated to small, local, and sustainable farming.  Participants immerse themselves in a modern farm experience by living and working on their own Tiny Farm without major investments in land, infrastructure, and equipment.  Jargan Farm hopes to make farming a more viable choice and lifestyle for young farmers, students, and others with farming aspirations. Cost to participants is based on project, sponsorship, duration, and personal  need. Please visit the Jargan Tiny Farms link for more information.

A Jargan Tiny Farm includes a Tiny House suitable for individuals and couples, a parcel of land for farm project operations, access to shared infrastructure and equipment, hands-on education and work experience, and guidance by Jargan Farm. 

Jargan Farm was established in 2016.  Farm operations had been abandoned on the property for many years.  Our first years have been dedicated to making repairs and improvements required to re-establish farming operations.  Jargan Farm and the Tiny Farms  concept were an outgrowth of this effort along with the desire to make modern farming a viable lifestyle to a diverse community. 

For more information about Jargan Tiny Farms, please click here.

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